Monday, May 4, 2009


We were in and out of that state faster than you can say "polygamy".

Our stay in Caliente, NV ended and we found ourselves climbing again. We reached Panaca Summit (6,718 ft) and descended into Utah. The border was clearly marked by the neglected tar/gravel roads we crossed over to. At this point the game was still the same, but the name had changed to Utah. The surrounding land was still somewhat arid and mountainous. We rode through high winds to a Route 66 Gas station in New Castle. Owned and operated by a very friendly couple, this gas station provided our dinner before setting out for a stealth campsite. Roughly 3 miles up the road, we camped in the hillside and slept like champions.

More uphill awaited us towards Cedar City, UT. This was by far the largest well developed city we've seen. After several warnings of how dangerous our next ascent would be (considering the weather, road conditions, and traffic), we were convinced a ride would be necessary for our safety. Frank and Donna insisted on giving us a lift to a safer point on the mountain. From there It was up and down until we reached Buffalo Bistro on Rt 89. Ron, the owner, cooked up some amazing salmon and sold us our first Utah native brew "Polygamy Porter". This ale came with a clever slogan: "Why have just one". Hilarious and fitting.

We camped near Zion national park near a noisy overpass. Earplugs are great. The following day is when the man points were earned. We biked almost 95 miles to Page, Arizona. Red cliffs encased the highway and seemed to never end. So long Utah, We're on McCain's property now.

two weeks down.

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Stay safe bros! You're doing great things. Utah looks amazing. Take care and stay in touch. Email me at when you get a chance! Chris