Friday, May 8, 2009

Arizona, check.

We took a day off in Page, Arizona after our 95 mile ride. You cannot avoid wanting to indulge in all the foods you're thinking about while you're riding. So we ended up with Chinese food, ice cream, and Quiznos. This was much better than power bars and beef jerky.

Well rested, we rode into the Navajo Reservation towards Shonto Junction. Along the road, on rocks and hillsides, there was a fence to keep animals from wandering onto the highway. As the sun was setting, we realized there was not any public land for us to set up our tent. Just our luck, a local came running out to the road to wave us in the direction of his home. Jimmy, his mother Lori, and Rose welcomed us to their property on the reservation. We made a fire and set up our tent in their backyard. We stayed up sharing stories and enjoying the heat from the fire. In true desert fashion, the temperature dropped dramatically after the sun was down. Rose made us some fried bread, and shortly after we retired to our sleeping bags. Thank you Jimmy, Lori, and Rose!

We biked as far as we could so that we'd be closer to New Mexico. We ended up at a junction called "Mexican Water". The owner of the trading post there offered room for our tent, but we decided to head up the road and camp. The next day, our target was Farmington, NM. This was 86 miles away and the heat was nearly overwhelming. Fortunately, there was no shortage of gas stations along the way so that we could replenish our water supply. Although we have conditioned ourselves over the past few weeks, hills still take their toll. We have realized that "what goes down, must come back up". When we see that we're about to go down hill, we know that it just means there is some climbing to do in our future.

We've reached Farmington, NM. This city happens to be much larger than we expected. Next we'll be heading directly east through some mountains. We'll let you know how that goes.

It wont be long before much our riding is on flat land. Flat, easy, comfortable land.


Mom said...

Enjoy the posts. Life does present us all with ups and downs, maybe with you two a bit more than the average person. :)
Sounds like you are meeting some wonderful people across the country. The flowers came, thanks Andrew.
Keep going guys, you are great.

R D said...

Can you update your route on the fly? Glad yall are pressing through and hope you stay safe and healthy!

Lemme know when you plot you'r way through OK.

Dig deep!

Anonymous said...

Matthew, Andrew

Just wanted to say as corny as it sounds that you are now really "living the dream."

Matthew, I hope the swine flu comment was a joke?

Today is "Mother's Day." Make sure you call your Moms ;)

Speak soon.

Michael DeJean