Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To the foothills and beyond....!

So last night we were looking for a place to stay in or near Lockeford, CA. We ended up on the outskirts of Clements, California where all the vineyards are. GORGEOUS views of well kept fields that seemed flawless with symmetry on either side of the road. In the distance you could see the snow capped mountains of the Sierra Nevadas... the next challenge. We were very fortunate to find Joe and Anne's Bed and Breakfast here. They allowed us to stay and pitch our tent there for the night. We were very greatful and suprised since we had been turned down about 6 miles back. We were ruitinely patrolled by their new dog, Pepper. If only we had the energy to keep up with her.

Morning broke out quicker than we thought as we packed up and said our goodbyes. We biked up hill for most of the day before we made it to our pre-arranged camp site on Kathleen and Steve's property in Pine Grove, California. Cats and dogs everywhere, as well as a large sanctuary where they raise stray deer. We thank them both very much for their support during this leg of our journey. They also provided showers and a ride to town to pick up a new camera so that we can start showing YOU pictures.

Tomorrow we head into the Sierra Nevadas. We're thinking we might head south after that to avoid the rockies because of the weather. We'll let you know what we come up with.

until next time... Keep commenting and spreading the word. It'll be a few days!!!


Naideen said...

I knew a guy who tended stray deer. They're freakin amazing. Take it easy.

Jen! said...

You guys are inspiring! Can't wait to see some pics. GO! GO! GO!

KathleenandSteve said...

Hi guys, it was great meeting you both. hope the turkeys didn't keep you awake. Looking forward to watching your progess. Stay safe.
Steve and Kagthleen

CAPT Towns said...

Shipmates, congratulations on a great start. KEARSARGE is closely tracking your progress. Keep the wheels turning!! take care and be safe. Hey, Marshall how did you manage to get out of here with that ripped up checkout sheet?