Monday, April 20, 2009

Day one.

We parted ways with Will, Dave, and Sean. Our bikes were packed and ready to go. We rode for almost an hour across the city to the beach. Once there we dipped our wheels in the pacific ocean to mark the beginning of our journey (pictures soon). Trekking across San Francisco is tricky at best. Narrow streets that happen to be nearly vertical and packed with cars. We made our way through Oakland and up through steep beautiful mountains. At some points we had to dismount and walk up hill; Even cars were struggling. The backside of the mountains were fun to say the least as we arrived in Walnut Creek. We narrowly missed Concord (our goal) and shot straight for Clayton. For dinner, we devoured a Hawaiian pizza that happened to be our last meal for almost a day. During sunset we biked towards Mount Diablo to camp. We came across a small plot of land owned and maintained by a guy named Dave. His beautiful 6 acre property was more than we could have ever asked for as he offered us a place to pitch our tent. 50 Plus miles made it easy to pass out around 9:30 PM.

Today we left camp around 9:30 am. Rolling hills lead to open flat land for MILES. The temperature rose to almost 100 degrees and we did our best to stay hydrated. Looking for a place to stay near Lockeford, CA.

we'll let you know. Also, stay tuned for pictures... we haven't had the time to post them. Thank you to Computer Max in Lockeford for the free wifi to do this post.

take care.


Deborah said...

What an amazing adventure! Your trip and its mission is very inspiring. Just wanted you to know that you have already impacted one person, I wrote about it on my my blog at
Best wishes to you both!

Adam said...

Looking forward to seeing the pictures. Sounds like things are going well. You'll make up the 30 miles in the open roads outside the city.

Stay safe, hydrated, and feed. Enjoy the ride!