Sunday, May 31, 2009

Second to last.

State, not post.

We're doing our best to stay on course and keep our mileage maxed out. We biked over 80 miles into Kentucky and camped not too far from the Ohio river in Wicliffe, KY. Crossing the Mississippi River and the Ohio River was incredible. They meet at the southern tip of Illinois which we rode across briefly to catch the next bridge. As we crossed the bridge, a man was yelling at us from the information post, but we waved him off and kept biking. Moments later a truck caught up with us and the lady driving told us that the guy was just trying to get our help. It turns out he is also biking across the country and had some mechanical problems. Andrew went back over and helped fix his bike!

Another 80 mile day landed us just past Barkley Lake. A large recreation area and popular tourist attraction. While looking for a campsite we met Beth, who offered us a place to camp on her property in Canton, KY. It was a tough ride, but we made it to her house and set up camp. We stayed up with her and her husband, Jim, in their lovely home discussing her time on the Appalachian Trail. Between pictures and stories I'm pretty certain that will be the next big adventure. After a quick shower and some pizza, we retired to our tent in their yard. Thank you Beth and Jim!!! road magic.

My seat broke while I was lifting my bike, so Andrew and Jim used some JB weld to fix it. If this doesnt hold up, I'll have to settle for a Wal-Mart seat since there aren't any bike shops around.

We're moving fast, so we might be in VA next time you hear from us!

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