Friday, May 22, 2009


We are making our way across Oklahoma, stimulating the economy in small towns one at a time. We buy all of their food throughout our days riding and burning calories.

We entered this flatter state(there are hills, just not 3,000 ft "hills") via the "pan handle" by Boise City. We've consistently put down 70 plus miles for the past four days without too much effort. Unfortunately, the wind hasn't always been on our side. The wind is coming from the south, so as we head east it does its best to push us over. If you can imagine endless and even grass on both sides of a straight road then you've got Oklahoma pictured. Throw in a few cows every mile and huge snakes along the road, and you've pretty much lived my life for this past week (not including the biking).

We've been camping on farms with the permission of the owner. Since the land here is owned by the farmers and not the Bureau of Land Management, we ask to be safe. They never seem to mind, and the nature of our farmer-to-camper encounter is very brief. Food has been provided by truck stops like "Four Corners". We were told they weren't even there and thought it would be another day before hitting our next town. The regulars there claimed that the towns nearby spread rumors about the (non)existence of Four Corners.

We restocked at a Wal-Mart in Guymon, OK. Our hand sanitizer, protein bars, wipes, and sun-block were in need of a refresh. Past Guymon and through some windy days we made it to Buffalo, OK. We decided to stay a the "Wooly Bison Inn"...mostly because it was the only vacant room in town. We were pleasantly surprised to see our "room" with Darla, the owner. This was like a town house for the price of a shady motel room of far less quality. Full Living room, loft, and bedroom.

In Tonkawa, we stayed in Gina's yard. It was very nice of her to offer us a shower and somewhere to safely pitch our tent. Her son, Dylan (10 yrs old), was very interested in our trip and hung out with us most of the even before being summoned by his mother!

We are now in Ponca City, OK. We're going to be mailing home most of our dead weight. His laptop, and most of our winter gear. The weather is MUCH warmer and we're going to replace that weight with more water.

Bugs. This state has a bug problem. They get caught in my beard and hair while we're riding, and if you stand still for a minute, you're covered.

Enjoy your weekend. We'll be riding.

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Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. there will be plenty of cookouts everywhere i'm sure so go hit up some barbeque! ☺