Monday, April 13, 2009

waiting game

The bags and bikes have been dropped off at the train station in richmond after the 1.5 hour car ride. We're thinking that will be the last time we'll be in a car for a while. So now we've got nothing but time until our 5 am train headed towards D.C.

There might not be many blog entries during our 4 day train ride across the country, and we're sure that they wouldnt be very interesting anyways.

take care.


Marcia said...

Hey Guys,
Heard your announcement "IT2 Marshall, Departing" Can't believe you and Bryson are leaving already. Hope you've been getting many donations. It's a big trip and like you've said, a new experience. Keep posting blogs. Alex and I will be cheking them. Take care of each other. Best of Luck!

Adam said...

Here's the news clip about the trip:

Check it out!

Nicholaus said...

I'm proud of you guys... We all are I won't be there to see you when you get back but I will be following the blog. Take care and God Speed

Thomas Tyler said...

Bryson, Marshall best of luck to you both out there!